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Campus energy partners

Branding Workshop, Logo Design, Creative Direction, Website Workshop and Website Design

The owners of this mid-size energy company needed a brand and wanted a process that would give them confidence in their decisions. We developed a workshop that included participation from all lines of business, identifying joined values, target audiences and services.  In tandem, we conducted in-depth competitor analysis to uncover brand positioning and industry best practices. From there we developed the name Campus Energy Partners. The Latin root word for Campus means “field” reflecting the location of the company’s starting point. The modern definition of Campus is a mix of buildings that make up a place of learning, reflecting the unique collection of facilities while perpetuating the culture of innovation and creativity they aim to foster. The logo embodies the values of hard-work, reliability and creativity in their approach to solutions for customers’ energy needs. The icon shape is an abstract field which speaks to the name and  landscape in which the business operates while reflecting that energy is a natural resource harvested from the land. A website workshop was also completed to ensure the site map was clear and anticipated user flow.

We hired Shannon to run a thorough and efficient project to brand, name and develop a website for our new company. She got our leadership team fully involved using workshops and progress meetings so our people were clear on what they needed to do and by when. She managed external suppliers for the project as well. We worked to a tight timeline and with Shannon’s help got the brand and website project for Campus Energy Partners completed on time and on budget.