Hook + Ladder Brand.png


Brand Refresh: Workshop, Logo Development, Website Workshop and Design

The original name, OnlinePresentz felt dated and its literal meaning didn’t take into consideration the in-depth strategic process they use to understand their client’s business. They wanted a brand that felt fresh and reflected their current service offering while positioning themselves as leaders in their industry. To get a full view of the current state of their business we conducted a brand workshop that included service offering, target audience and core value exercises. The workshop provided us with the strategic framework to develop the conceptual name Hook + Ladder (H+L). H+L is a football play, and this concept reflects the strategic service the company provides. H+L promises to ‘hook’ your audience, and provide them with a ‘ladder,’ representing the reason the audience will want to engage with your brand. The font is bold, reflecting confidence while the logo overall appears playful in its use of iconography. The eye is drawn immediately to the plus sign, creating the “hook” element, while horizontal lines create the “ladder upwards”.

The second portion of this project was a website, with its number one goal being conversions. We conducted a website workshop to map out the customer journey for each target audience identified in phase one and create a plan with roles and responsibilities for each party to develop content. We also took Digital Marketer courses that helped us dive further into understanding the target audience motivations so we can create content that truly resonated. Rebecca Smith, of WordPlenty was with us throughout the process. Her specialty is conversion copy, so she was an ideal match for this project.

The result is a website that funnels our two audiences onto pages that speak to them in language they actually use, this helps them easily see that they have found what they are looking for. This strategy also allows us to funnel our audiences to sign up for specific email lists, allowing us to provide them with content that is specifically suited to their needs.

Shannon wrangled our team into cohesive workshops that were enjoyable and so valuable. Not only is her creative vision refreshing, her project and people management skills keep deadlines on task and deliverables moving forward. She was instrumental from start to finish in leading our re-brand. From helping us understand our current state to figuring out where we’d like to go and finding a path to get there. We plotted our new brand strategy and site map with her methods and caught other creatives like copywriters and developers up to speed easily. For direction, clarity, and making that next big move with your brand or business - Shannon is the professional to call.
— Caleb Clark