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The debate rages on.

The biggest hurdle when building a website is helping a client understand which platform to use based on their budget and feature requirements.
Is the website part of your sales cycle, intended to drive conversions or sales?
Or are you creating a brochure website to back up your brand's credibility?
There are so many different platforms out there to build sites on it can get overwhelming. So, for the sake of keeping things simple and relevant to my client base, I will focus on the two I recommend the most:

  • Squarespace a website builder

  • WordPress a content management system

Squarespace is a website builder that includes your:

  • template

  • marketing features and built-in analytics and reports

  • security

  • hosting and domain name

  • SEO

  • support

And you get it all in one easy yearly/monthly payment.

WordPress is a content management system, meaning you or your designer/development team are responsible for:

  • choosing a theme

  • maintenance

  • hosting

  • domain purchases

  • managing security

There are endless pros and cons to each. And every individual is different depending on where you’re at in your business and what you need.
So how do you know what you need?

Narrow down in 4 mins or less where your next business site needs to be built so you can start actually building it. 

Whether you’re currently hosting a site on one platform, curious about making a move to another, or just starting out and unsure what steps to take next the Which Website Builder quiz will help you decide.
PS – Are you currently using Squarespace or WordPress and have any horror stories or victories to share? Hit reply and tell me all about it - forever gathering insights in this ongoing debate.


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