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Following my own advice, I'm starting a newsletter for friends, clients and future clients, to help provide insight on the topics of branding, graphic design, marketing and communication planning.

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Westhills Brand Strategy Session
At the end of June I had the pleasure of developing a brand strategy session for Westhills Equine Veterinary Services. This strategy session included 7 key staff members that varied from veterinarians, technicians, students and administration staff. The goal was to uncover their core values so we could create a marketing and communications plan that resonated with staff, their clients and aid in future growth plans. This session included the following exercises;

  • Tiers of services

  • Key client personas

  • Brand values

  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats)

  • Marketing Baseline

From here we identified the digital channels to use and developed a schedule for the year including social posts, newsletters, events and blog posts with the goal of creating a consistent brand platform to move forward with. After the initial 6 month period we will monitor and track the following metrics, general brand awareness, customer engagement and conversions. We will also assess the plan based on ease of execution, return on investment and staff engagement.

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July 6
Vian Esterhuizen photographed Carly in Studio 1130 last week.

Studio 1130 is an office and studio space shared by 4 marketing and communications specialists. The Studio is an open loft-like space that is available for rent. It has floor to ceiling west facing windows that are ideal for natural light photography. There is also a large selection of coloured backdrops, lights and white boxes for shooting product. Pricing starts at $200 for a half-day.