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Why I love athletes and everyone who's played team sports.  

This past August I participated in my 3rd triathlon with one goal - enjoy the race. The photo above shows the end of a journey, not the internal meltdown I had the week before or the first year I learned to swim (embarrassingly flapping around the pool believing I would drown). I’ve had some good races and some bad ones, but I continue to make sport a part of my lifestyle because it pushes my boundaries and perpetuates growth.

One thing I love about sport is how it relates to life and business.  

From panic to positivity - try shifting your thoughts. 
The panic feeling of drowning is comparable to moments when we are completely overwhelmed and paralyzed with too much work to do. Try viewing every drowning moment as an opportunity to dig deep and become stronger, this perpetuates a positive mindset through the tough times. Watch Simon Sinek do it here.

The Process: Prepare, perform and analyze. 
Stick to your process for consistent results. In sport, we train, compete, analyze, then adjust training and race strategy accordingly. Similarly in business, we research, strategize, uncover target audiences, dive deep into services and product offerings to create brands that resonate. Then, debriefing, analyzing and measuring results of all efforts can change the trajectory of a brand so that it can continue to grow in the right direction. Need some tools to get started? Download free business templates from Gazelle's here.
Focus on practice and conditioning because comparing makes you miserable.

The reason people appear ahead is for two reasons, they have been practicing their craft longer and have cultivated healthy habits through conditioning, so simple things like tracking their expenses in Quickbooks or running a sub 4 minute mile appear effortless (not positive a 4min mile would ever look effortless but you catch my drift).
Age doesn’t matter, commitment does.

Probably because triathlon is a fairly expensive sport to participate in, my group is filled with all ages - most over 30. What I’ve noticed, regardless of age - race outcomes are a product of energy in, energy out. The more time you practice and condition your body and mind = results. Learning is ageless, it’s your commitment that counts.

We're all on the same team and together we win.
My clients, contractors, and co-workers are my team and I have a coach, a few of them for triathlon and business. Viewing this inner circle as a team fosters a healthy exchange of information. In both accounts, listening and staying open to feedback pushes me beyond what I think I am capable of, teaches me new things and it’s our work together that creates amazing brands.

Need some help? The Ace Class runs a a peer mentorship program. Alternatively, if you are a business check out Creative Business Coaching here. Just starting out, need free advice? Give Marie Forleo's pod cast or TV Show a watch.
The following Branding 101 and Q&A’s are new initiatives that I hope will educate and serve clients, friends and co-workers alike. If you have ideas on topics and industries you'd like to learn about, email me at info@hewlko.com

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Every industry has their own set of buzz words and acronyms. The Branding 101 series aims to systematically chose topics and break down the language in a straight-forward manner so that everyone "get's it".

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Branding 101 - What, why and how

Get started strategically branding your company with a 60 second lesson on what branding means, why you brand and how you do it!



New on the website! A Q&A series with industry experts and entrepreneurs that capture the evolving marketing landscape and provide helpful information for business owners.


Q&A with Kristen Novak of Wild PR

Public Relations guru, Kristen Novak of WILD PR, tells us what its like to be an entrepreneur in the ever changing world of Public Relations and Marketing.


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You had me at
“Smoke and a Twinkie”

Photo by @christopheramat on August 27 at Studio 1130. Visit link above to see more of his series called Wonderfully Awful.

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