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Branding, Logo Design, and Creative Direction

ToConceive was a branding project with Anstice Communications where the creative elements were driven by audience planning and strategic process. ToConceive is a contraceptive gel that helps women conceive naturally and the goal was to develop a brand that reflects its more refined qualities. This included features like its science proven formula along with an emotive tie to the journey to conceive. The logo is a monogram “C” that curves around and is shortened - reflective of sperm fertilizing an egg. It is a subtle and classic brand that both males and females would be comfortable purchasing in store. Its soft pink is contrasted with black, cream, grey and gold so the palette appeals to any gender. Metallics are used to provide a higher level of refinement and individual packets aid in application as well as achieve a refined way to dispense the product. 

Art Director on this project was Alana Cuthbertson and photographers are Jager Co.