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As summer fades and holidays are over, now is the time when students go back to school and companies regroup. This is a perfect opportunity for businesses to strategize for the year and set up their communication and marketing plans for 2019. Below are some quick tips for planning a session. 

  • Set aside 4 - 6 hours for session

  • Provide a schedule for the day's events and give homework - ask the team to come prepared to the session with the years successes, weaknesses and goals

  • Be visual - use a large white board or sticky notes to get all the content gathered

  • Discuss as a group, review and set action items for each team member

  • Create a list of deliverables from the meeting and use an app like Manage It to schedule and stay accountable 

Not sure where to start, this website provides a SWOT analysis template. Additional resources for a sample agenda here. 

Need help with planning a session? Send me an email at info@hewlko.com or call me at 403 400 5327!

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Masuch Law 

Branding Workshop, Logo Design, Graphic Design and Creative Direction

Masuch Law incorporated Hewlko Creative Direction and Design back in 2017, so when they moved to a new office space in 2018 they hired me to do a re-brand. In the past 40 years of practicing law, they had added many new partners and 3 additional locations. They needed a brand that reflected this legacy and growth, while representing the values and culture of the individuals that work here today. To achieve this we first conducted a brand workshop with the team to uncover the core services, target demographics and values. From here we created a brand to reflect these values, carefully choosing elements from the iconic monogram “M”, an abstract handshake reflecting their value of solid client relationships, to wood grain being used for texture to show growth and a modern yet friendly font chosen for the wordmark providing an approachable, honest and reliable tone to the brand. 

Photography by Chris Amat.

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Studio 1130.png

August 16
Studio 1130 - Mid-day
Looking for some moody mid-day light for a photoshoot or a place to hold a strategy session? We rent out our studio and have half and full day rates available - DM me for more details!  

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